Heilong Martial Arts

  Neijiaquan Kung Fu 内家拳功夫

Baguazhang 八卦掌  Taijiquan 太极拳 Xingyiquan 形意拳 

Heilong Martial Arts

Tai Chi for Kids

School and Pre-School Classes


Studies have shown that the benefit of Tai Chi for Children includes improvement in


*Ability to stay calm

*  Coordination of the Two Sides of the body

* Creativity and visualization

* Focused attention and concentration

* Increased positive energy

* Performances in work and athletics

*Behavior of ADD and ADHD

* Self Esteem and Self Confidence


Many teachers worldwide are beginning to incorporate these powerful mind/body health tools into public education at all levels.  Imagine a classroom where students have learned to focus on the work but are relaxed, have developed the self-confidence they need to proceed, have a reasonable level of fitness, muscle tone and balance, are free of excessive fears and anxiety.


Imagine a child whom you love having these same skills.  IT CAN BE ACHIEVED.  For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using simple exercises, focused breathing and internal focus and concentration to achieve total health: mental and physical.


This is especially important to students.  Recent research indicating Tai Chi may help save children from a lifetime of drug use, by reducing the symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity  Disorder)—University of Miami School of Medicine study, is good news for All students, even those  without ADHD, because it increases health and ability to focus in all students, including those students who maybe genius level students, too often mis-diagnosed as having ADHD.


Tai Chi is a fighting art and system of exercise based on the philosophy of yin and yang-finding and using the balance between hardness and softness to overcome one’s opponent. Qigong literally means, “breathing exercise.”  The more popular exercise of Tai Chi is a form of Qigong.  Modern medical research is now revealing Tai Chi and Qigong are powerful health sciences, as well as effective aerobic exercises.


Studies have shown that Tai Chi can lower high blood pressure, and profoundly boost aspects of the immune system, while improving balance and coordination far better than any other known exercise.  Tai Chi can reduce or eliminate chronic pain and limited mobility, while lessening the incidence of anxiety, depression, or overall mood disturbances.  Tai Chi is the lowest impact exercise there is and has even been used by those with arthritis, yet as gentle as it is it burns about 280 calories per hour, and provides roughly the same cardiovascular benefits of moderate impact aerobics.

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